Warranty Information (USA Only): WARRANTY TERMS (effective Dec 1, 2005) These terms supercede all prior published warranty terms CoolGear Inc. Purchased products are warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Ninety (90) Days from the original date of purchase unless otherwise specified on your original Invoice..

  • The following is not covered under CoolGear Inc. (or any sites belonging to) warranty program:
  • Product with defaced, altered or removed serial numbers
    (no valid, legible serial number = no warranty).
  • Product owned by anyone other than the original purchaser.
    (The warranty is not transferable and will not apply to products purchased from unauthorized dealers.)
  • Product that has been physically abused (run over by a car or beat with a hammer etc.).
  • Product that has been over-powered, causing thermal and/or mechanical failure.
  • Product that has not been installed according to the instructions in the owner’s manual/or as per our Online Support Staff.
  • Product in which repair and/or modification has been attempted by unauthorized parties
  • Product damaged cosmetically due to improper handling or normal wear and tear
  • Product damaged in an accident or by “acts of God” (bad operator, flooding, lightning, locusts, etc.)
  • BIOS Upgrades/ ReFlashing/ Reprograming of Devices that is not performed by CoolGear Inc.
  • Shipping costs associated with re-installing or shipping the product to CoolGear Inc. for warranty service
  • Failures resulting from misapplication or misuse of the Product, failure to adhere to any specifications or instructions, or failure resulting from neglect, abuse, accidents, or acts of nature are not covered under Any Warranty.
  • Cost of shipping returned goods are to be assumed by the consumer.